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Bootcamp Fitness!

Our Bootcamp Training for men and women is aimed at all levels of fitness. Sessions are 55 minutes in duration and are held at a range of convenient times and locations in Ballsbridge and Lucan.

Sessions are delivered in a fashion that motivates, with a real focus on strengthening both the body and the mind. Our sessions are fun, while focusing on serious results. We use a wide variety of techniques and approaches ensuring that the challenge always remains fresh!

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We have a number of ongoing special offers. Please check back regularly for our new, market beating offers!

Ongoing Special Offers!

1) Holiday time out: Members can freeze their membership at anytime to allow for holidays!

2) Refer a friend Scheme: Every friend you refer means a €25 voucher for you-refer 4 together and you get a free term!

3) Group Discounts: Groups of 5 or more will receive a €15 discount off an 8 week term. Groups of 10 or more receive a €25 discount!

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Gift Vouchers now available to buy online! The perfect gift for friends and family! Gifts can be purchased in any denomination and will be delivered via email! 

Gift voucher terms and conditions: gift vouchers can only be redeemed against group fitness or personal training sessions advertised on the website
2. Gift vouchers should be treated like cash. They cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
3. This gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash & is non-returnable or transferable.
4. Vouchers which are defaced, altered or cancelled will not be accepted.
5. This gift voucher may be exchanged for products of a higher or equal price than the face value on this voucher.
6. Only 1 voucher can be redeemed in any 1 exchange
7. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.


Terms and Conditions



Best value Bootcamp fitness in Dublin! Get ready to be in the best shape of your life!



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